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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

45% Approval...this calls for a video tribute

So Rasmussen Reports has the President at a 45% approval and a 53% disapproval rating after just 7 months in office. His meteoric rise to the Presidency has since began it's return to the third rock from the Sun. Some may want to analyze these numbers and find out why he is in a free fall. Me...well I think I will just delight in this bit of schadenfreude.

You feel better now don't you?

Aaron B. Gardner

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Spitzer to challenge Gillibrand

No, I am not joking. [h/t to Michelle Malkin]

Via NYPost:

Less than 18 months after he left Albany in a prostitution scandal, Spitzer has held informal discussions in recent weeks about the possibility of making a bid for state comptroller or the US Senate seat currently held by Kirsten Gillibrand, sources said.

Well, oddly enough, I think the Senate is a perfect place for a whore mongering sleaze bag to remake his image. It's not like he left a woman to die of asphyxiation in a river or something.

Aaron B. Gardner

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