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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pat Toomey needs your help.

We have a chance to reclaim Arlen Specter's seat in 2010. Specter is in a primary challenge after his recent conversion to the Democratic Party. Hopefully Sestak will bloody Specter up. The battle wounds Specter will recieve should not be relied on to guarantee success though.

The people know the issues and they also know the direction they want to take to address these issues, see Rasmussen for details.

Healthcare is the issue of the moment. Healthcare is the Democratic Party's Waterloo.

Pat Toomey understands this. Knowing this Toomey has embarked on a fundraising initiative, focused on Healthcare, named Toomsday.

Please join our effort to have 1,000 people pledge to donate $30 by September 30th to stop government-run health care. This deadline so important that we are calling it Toomsday and need your help to sign up your family and friends or share this page.

Help Pat Toomey fight against Government Run Healthcare. Help Pat Toomey take PA back.

h/t to Dan Riehl

Aaron B. Gardner

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