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Friday, June 18, 2010

Gone Fishin'

Ok, before I head out for the weekend to go fishing and camping, let me do a quick roundup of what I saw on the internet today.

Kim Jong Ill has told his people to look to private industry in order not to starve. Guess he didn't have the stones for Holodomor.

The Euroconomy is also rejecting the planned economy and Keynesian theories, while D.C. is embracing the same at record pace. For the life of me, I can't find the link!!

Rush and Elton John are friends, so are Elton and Israel.

The White House will be suing AZ for enforcing federal law.

Half of independents don't believe Obama deserves a second term.

Last but not least, Will Folks has endorsed Nikki Haley. This after having claimed an inappropriate physical relationship with Haley. 14:59 indeed.

Welcome to bizzaro world, enjoy your stay.

Aaron B. Gardner

Elton John is well on his way to being hated by the Left

H/t Dan Riehl

First there was his performance at Satan's wedding, now he is being nice to the evil Jooooooooooos.

John, who wore blue-tinted sunglasses, told the audience those cancellations "ain't gonna stop me from playing here, baby."


John swiped at those artists, saying, "We do not cherry-pick our consciences," before hitting the opening chords of his 1972 hit "Crocodile Rock."

Just goes to show, spend some time with Limbaugh and you will understand "The Way Things Ought To Be".

Aaron B. Gardner

#rsrh American Exceptionalism: Brought to You by The RGA

Via the RGA

Well said my friends.

Aaron B. Gardner

P.S. If you like this sort of stuff, you may want to donate to the RGA so they can do more.

A "musical crash course in reality perception"*

h/t Power Line

Caroline Glick and her troop, famous for the "We Conned the World" video, have a new video posted.

There is much more at Power Line, do make sure to read the whole thing.

So, how long will this one last on youtube?

Aaron B. Gardner

* Title credit to Caroline Glick