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Thursday, June 10, 2010

#rsrh Meg Whitman = Joseph Goebbels?

Thank the Lord that Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown is running for CA Governor again.

I mean, if he wasn't we would miss out on such profound insights like this from Politico:

"You know, by the time she's done with me, two months from now, I'll be a child-molesting..." Sovern quoted Brown saying. "She'll have people believing whatever she wants about me."

Then he added, "It's like Goebbels...Goebbels invented this kind of propaganda. He took control of the whole world. She wants to be president. That's her ambition, the first woman president. That's what this is all about."

I don't think Goebbels had the type of money that Meg has, 80 million in a primary!

Oh, and of course Meg didn't participate in the greatest act of genocide of the last century.

But yeah, Moonbeam, we are all Nazi's and we are coming for you!

Aaron B. Gardner

P.S. Might as well let Meg know you are with her.

Dirty Harry Reid?

Apologies up front for this one...Don't ask, just go read this.

Aaron B. Gardner

I will be abstaining from the World Cup excitement.

I went out for the soccer team in high school, I was 4'6" at the time, and got cut for a cute girl who never played a game all season.

I haven't liked the game since.

I will admit to paying attention when Brandi Chastain* showed her ...errr, sports bra?


What can I say, I was a young soldier deployed to Bosnia at the time and Mia on the t.v. was the closest I was going to get to a woman.

Also, they call it Futball instead of Soccer and that annoys me.

So, no, I will not be joining in the chorus of praise for the World Cup.

Aaron B. Gardner

P.S. The U.S. better kick England's ass.

* I originally had Mia Hamm here instead of Brandi Chastain. A good fellow on twitter corrected my memory for me. Doesn't really matter to me since all soccer players look alike to me. ;)

#rsrh Auto-Tuned Ass Kicking News

I truly believe all the news should be auto-tuned.

Aaron B. Gardner

Ring Of Fire

I saw Social Distortion in Denver a few years back.

They played this song live and it was wonderful.


Aaron B. Gardner

Here Comes the Sun

It has been raining all day ... but "Here comes the sun".

This and more on the Abbey Road Album.

Aaron B. Gardner

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Historical Moment Captured By Lego

Via ExJon at Exrban League

This one has got to be my favorite.


See the link at Exurban League for the rest.

Aaron B. Gardner

We Lost: That's no reason to act like a loser.

Conservative in the primary, Republican in the general. If you can't get on board with this concept I suggest you stop reading this post right now.

On Tuesday in California myself and others were highly disappointed with Chuck DeVore losing to Carly Fiorina in the Republican Primary. The bitterness of this defeat is not lost on me, I had a good deal of skin in this game (despite the attacks by my detractors).

Anyone who paid attention during this primary will know that I was all in for Chuck DeVore. Additionally it is no secret that I believe Carly is a moderate Republican.

Now, I am sure I will more than likely get attacked for calling Carly a moderate, even though I also clearly stated she is a Republican. I am ok with that. We are beyond the primary now and we have a candidate, at this point it just doesn't matter whether she is a moderate or the incarnation of Kirk's 10 Conservative principles.

Carly is our candidate.

Hayek is Back

Road to Serfdom is #1 on Amazon right now via Greg Mankiw, h/t @IMAO.

So go buy it.

After your purchase you can watch this video while waiting for delivery.

Will Obama Shut Down the Chicago PD for Torture?

H/t Instapundit for this from the Sun Times

"I could hear someone screaming -- like for help. They sounded like they were deep in distress," Sammy W. Lacey testified at Burge's federal trial Wednesday, attempting to bolster prosecutors' case and abuse claims raised by the now deceased convicted cop killer Andrew Wilson.

Glenn notes that this would probably be getting more attention had it happened at GITMO.

This leads me to ask ... Would it really?

I mean, Obama has been President for just under a year and six months and GITMO is still open despite his promise to close it.

Now if the answer to my title question is "Yes, immediately", and he actually follows through, then we can expect GITMO to be closed around 2032.

Aaron B. Gardner

P.S. Have you read Insty's book "An Army of Davids"? If so let me know if I should too.