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Monday, June 21, 2010

A revealing weekend of rest.

To my 12 loyal fans,

I apologize, but I am shutting down this blog. It's pointless really. We live in a world that despises virtue and I haven't the time, nor the heart, to preach to an unwilling audience.

In addition to closing out this blog I am also stopping all of my political activism, it just isn't worth the time away from my wife, daughter and son.

For the last 3 years I have done all I could, with the limited abilities I have, to inform others of what is going on in our nation. Unfortunately, nobody cares. Especially in Vermont where people would rather engage in windmill tilting sessions about secession and other idiotic ideas.

On the national level I have seen too much to believe that even with the "right" people elected there will be any real reform.

So, I leave 10 more jaded than when I began and with less money in my pocket due to political donations which have largely gone to waste.

I am going to go enjoy my limited freedom while I still have it.


Aaron B. Gardner