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Friday, October 15, 2010

New Background on the Site.

I know it is probably such a subtle change that my 3 readers didn't even notice, but I changed the background just now.

It used to be a stock woodsy photo all blurred up. I didn't like it but it was a close in stock match for a Vermont feel when I first revamped this blog.

I decided to change it, and start blogging here again, earlier this week when I took this picture just down the road from where I live.


Living here certainly has it's benefits. I get to see some of God's great handiwork every day.

I am truly blessed.

Aaron B. Gardner

Still, another new ad from @ChristineOD #DESen

In this ad Christine O'Donnell, Republican candidate for Delaware Senate, has a Wilmington City Councilman talk about Chris "The Bearded Marxist" Coons tax policy.

Go Christine!

Aaron B. Gardner

Delaware's Problem Isn't Christine O'Donnell.
If I lived in Delaware I would be looking for Tom Ross' replacement.

I know that it's become popular to get all down in the dumps about the Delaware Senate race. I know that it's all a "done deal" and no amount of campaigning or prodding can change the outcome. The die has been cast.

Alea iacta est.

These words were made famous when Julius Caesar spoke them as he led his army across the Rubicon. Caesar was now in direct defiance and civil war and past the point of no return.

O'Donnell won her primary despite the best efforts of the Delaware GOP and Castle. This race was a contentious one and it has been, more than any other, like a civil war between the moderate and conservative factions of the party.

Since her win she has largely been on her own, still fighting the smears on the left and the potshots from the right. She has had to do all the post primary work, like reuniting the party, without the assistance of the State party. Despite this she has launched what I think is a good ad campaign combined with mailings. She also beat Coons in back to back debates in a matter of 24 hours.

At this point, two weeks out from election day and 2 debates left, a new Rasmussen poll shows Coons at 51% and O'Donnell at 40%.

Now ask yourself this.

If the Delaware GOP had held just one event for O'Donnell since the primary, could this race be closer?

If the Delaware GOP had posted a full throated endorsement of O'Donnell, might that have caused this race to tighten?

Peter Shumlin (D) Drops in on Brian Dubie's Campaign HQ. #VTGov #RGA

I bet Shumlin thought it would be really clever to bring T.V. cameras down to Dubie campaign HQ 45 minutes prior to a debate. I also bet he didn't expect to be engaged in a losing debate with one of the campaign workers.

Oops. Thanks for the donuts though, in fact, that inspired the VT GOP to ask for 12 dollar donations to honor the dozen donut debate.

Well played Peter, well played.

Aaron B. Gardner

P.S. Dubie for Vermont.

P.P.S. Phil Scott too.

P.P.P.S Did I mention Len Britton for Senate?