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Thursday, August 6, 2009

34 Million on Foodstamps in U.S. [UPDATED]

Ok Math FAIL on me. As pointed out in the comments the % is 11% not "almost 10%" Thanks to my friend from Maine for pointing out my error!!

For the first time ever the number of Americans on Foodstamps has hit 34 Million.

With the current population at 307,101,771...That is over 11% of the nation. 11%!!!

Since Obama's inauguration the number has increased by 2.2 Million.

You just gotta love all this Hope&Change™

Aaron B. Gardner


  1. 34,000,000/307,101,771 * 100 = 11.07%

    It's worse than you thought!!!!

    From ME to you/RedState

  2. Still have trouble believing that there are conservatives in Vermont!!! Come on.....Vermont??? You can't possibly be native there...must be a transplant or something!! :)

    Keep on punditrying!!!!

    From ME to you/RedState

  3. Let's see....2.2 million more since inauguration...that's about 11,000 per day. About 1,200 days left until the next election that would work out to about 13 million more on food stamps...add the 34 million already on food stamps...hmmm...47 million. Wow!! That just about guarantees reelection. Just say that the nasty Republicans will take away your food stamps. Brilliant!!!

    I just love numbers, when you do them right...they always add up!

    From ME to you/RedState


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