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Monday, September 21, 2009

Liberal Deprograming In The Age of Twitter

Via Rustles & Glimmers, h/t Dan Collins of POWIP

Heres a sample, but make sure to read them all.

Pt 1: NOTHING is free. NOTHING is free. NOTHING is free. NOTHING is free. NOTHING is free.

Pt 13: If the government devalues u, ur chances of dying rise exponentially.

Pt 20: Some countries don't want to be ur friend no matter how hard u try. Get used to it.
I plan to tweet these points randomly. Have fun with it.

Aaron B. Gardner

Crossposted at RedState


  1. Thanks for your good opinion and the good press, Aaron.

    Kirsten Lombard
    Rustles and Glimmers
    EauPureEtClaire (Twitter)

  2. Thank you Kirsten for posting the list in the first place.  

    BTW I am now following you on twitter, I am @aaron_gardner


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