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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Bow Tied Dweeb Vs. Superman

H/t The Other Mccain

Mark Steyn won't be issuing a correction his piece on Honor Killings in America. Apparently, there is no need.

The 2009 NYT piece Friedersdorf cities as evidence that the Times does so totally cover domestic "honor killings" is, in fact, the self-same piece Miss Chesler and I cite, in which the Times pooh-poohs the notion that the decapitation of a Muslim woman in Buffalo counts as an "honor killing". Maybe one of his many editors could explain to Friedersdorf that there's more to argument than just running your search terms through Nexis. Even being a snippy dweeb requires a certain amount of finesse.

By the way, should Friedersdorf ever seriously consider the disparity in reporting of Honor Killings, he might want to start with Atlas Shrugs as a source.

Aaron B. Gardner

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