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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dana Loesch and Erick Erickson in Playboy!!

H/t, oddly enough, to Dana Loesch.

In an article entitled "Rogues of K Street" an anonymous consultant paints a picture of the core Tea Party movement and some of it's movers and shakers for Playboy. One of these Tea Partiers is none other than Dana Loesch, of which our anonymous author writes...

Loesch is the sweet Midwestern goth version of Laura Ingraham. At the Conservative Political Action Conference she had a constant stream of such interviewees as Phyllis Schlafly, Ann Coulter, Ken Blackwell and Newt Gingrich. She fits right in, except she doesn’t look like a troll.Moore is one tough gal. Her Twitter bio reads, "Smart Girl Politics Director of Technology & Midwest RC, Political Troublemaker, Spy. Bodybuilder. I’m not mean, you’re just a sissy."

Sounds like your average girl next door to me.

Also mentioned is Erick Erickson, whom I write with on RedState. Erick is quoted in relation to the question of truthers in the Tea Party... blogger Erick Erickson wrote, "In Texas, Tea Party activists have rallied to Debra Medina, who just yesterday refused to definitely dismiss the 9/11 truther conspiracy as crackpot nonsense. If a candidate cannot do that, we cannot help that candidate. It’s that simple."

The anonymous consultant builds from there...

Our candidate-interview process is pretty simple. The candidate is asked two questions:
(1) Are you a birther?
(2) Are you a truther?
If the answer is anything but "no" or "hell no," the conversation ends right there. If the candidate answers correctly, the conversation continues, looking at viability and whether we can have a worthwhile impact. The reality of this litmus test is as patriotic as practical. Donors don’t contribute to lunatics.

In general, if you adhere to conspiracy theory there is a good chance that you are a brand of crazy that conservatives, whether you call us Tea Partiers or not, just can't abide.

The article closes with a glimpse at the budding relations between these shadowy masters of activism and elected members of Congress...

Various Republican congressional leaders met for hours with our leadership and our finance team in the Richard Nixon suite at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington. Never in my career had I had a congressman look me in the eyes behind closed doors and say with such sincerity, "Give me a list of what you need me to do." The second meeting drew 10 congressmen. There we sat, inside the Capitol Hill Club (which shares the building that houses the Republican National Committee), sharing ideas on how we can work together. The third meeting drew 17 congressmen. We’ll see help with fundraising and research from friendly members of Congress. It’s what you won’t see that’s more important. Our role is to quietly help a dozen grassroots conservative candidates win in the fall, using traditional and nontraditional means. If you don’t hear from us directly, we will have done our job.

Make sure to read the whole thing.

Aaron B. Gardner

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