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Friday, October 29, 2010

The quick and dirty on the new Monmouth #DESen Poll

Christine O'Donnell has cut Chris Coons' lead by 9 according to Monmouth's newly released


In the past two weeks, Republican Christine O’Donnell has narrowed Democrat Chris Coons’ lead in Delaware’s U.S. Senate race from 19 points to 10 points. The latest Monmouth University Poll finds Coons has the support of 51% of likely voters to 41% for O’Donnell. Two weeks ago, this race stood at 57% to 38%.

Christine O'Donnell is winning indies...

O’Donnell has also made gains among independent voters, now leading Coons 47% to 42% among this voting bloc. Two weeks ago, she trailed in the independent vote by 51% to 41%.

Her messaging is working...

O’Donnell has seen some improvement in voters’ opinion of her personally, while Coons’ rating has dropped. O’Donnell is now viewed favorably by 34% of the electorate and unfavorably by 51%. Two weeks ago, this stood at 31% favorable to 58% unfavorable. Coons has a 45% favorable to 39% unfavorable rating, compared to a 50% favorable to 33% unfavorable rating two weeks ago.

Christine O'Donnell has taken a lead in Sussex and Kent counties while simultainiously cutting Coons' lead in New Castle county...

O’Donnell has actually pulled into a 49% to 43% lead in the southern part of the state (i.e. Kent and Sussex counties). Two weeks ago, this region of the state was divided at 47% for O’Donnell and 46% for Coons. The Democrat continues to hold a sizable advantage in New Castle County, but the current 56% to 36% margin is down from the 63% to 33% edge he held earlier this month.

Voter make up...


This isn't over. Be the wave.

Aaron B. Gardner

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