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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

2 ½ Years to Live

In 2½ years I am going to die. I know, it shocked me too. I had a cancer earlier in my life and with the work of some really fine doctors it went into remission during the 80’s. The cancer is a very rare form of cancer, one of the first cases was in France in 1715 and the Doctor who treated it was named John Law . Unbeknownst to many the cancer startedgrowing and mutating in the 90’s , At first the cancer went unnoticed as the manifestation of symptoms was not yet present, but they were there, waiting like a time bomb. I had adoctor who noticed, but his priority patient was a soldier who we all needed to live. He tried to give me a referral, but many of the doctors just wouldn’t listen.

In 2007 the time bomb went off. Some of my organs were immediately weakened, but my spirit was still strong. Everybody told me there was this new doctor and that he was not only the best doctor in the world, he was also the best at removing cancers, finally I had hope and really believed that things were gonna change. With his treatments I was sure to be on the road to recovery. I felt great the first couple of office visits, he seemed like he had it all under control.

Things started changing but not for the good, he was no longer talking with me, he was talking at me. A short time later he started pushing me to take treatments that I didn’t really want, but he said it was a crisis. I told him that I felt I was getting sicker the more he kept forcing the treatments, almost as if my insides were at battle with each other, but he would not listen.

If I continue on the same course as the Law case, I could die in 2 ½ years.

This is a sobering reality.

We all go through the 7 stages of grief .

But I am not dead yet…I am beyond the depression and the upward turn. I am working onreconstruction and working through. With enough work, maybe I can overcome this cancer.

I have my eye on a new set of doctors, similar to the one back in the 80’s. Unfortunately I am going to need to raise a lot of money. so I can get out from under my current doctor’s bills, and I won’t be able to begin my new treatments until Jan 2011 because I have toclean out all the trash in my system and then bring all the new doctors in.

I am asking you to help me. I promise this money will go to good use.

I thank you all for the contributions…they may just save my life.

God Bless,

The United States of America

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