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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Can we call it "MobGate" yet?

Yes. We. Can.

By now I am sure many of you have seen the videos by the DNC and Babs Boxer. If not here they are.

By now I am sure you have heard of the email account set up by the WH as a repository for all the tips their little snitches give them.

By now I am sure you have had quite enough of this.

So have the good people at the RNC. A staffer at the RNC has auto-forwarded those calling to complain [note this is the true astroturf campaign] back to the DNC.

How dare Republican's invoke their first amendment rights in opposition to "TheOne™". How dare these individuals dissent. How dare the VRWC!!

Oh and don't forget how dangerous this mob of people can be...

Uhhh...wait...that's not right.

Anyhow...where was I...oh Yes, that's right "MobGate".

So why attach the cliche "gate" to this??

I will tell you why. The gov't set up a mechanism to report and track dissenters. In addition the gov't is using another mechanism to identify IP addresses and correlate them to physical addresses, a violation of the mechanism's original purpose. Then if that wasn't enough for you, you also have the DNC inciting it's followers to become an angry mob.

But wait you this really "gate" worthy?

Yes it is, the original "gate" was what it was because of the stupidity of those involved and the inability to shield the President from the event once public. So for "gate" to be truly applicable the DNC, and the Obama Administration, must receive the backlash of their own creation. Thanks to that enterprising staffer at the RNC, the backlash has already begun.

As Dan Spencer explains at RedState..."Opposition Panics Obama and Democrats". Yes Dan...the projection Chickens Obama let loose are now coming home to Roost [h/t Rev Wright..where you been dog!!].

And we aren't even through the first year here people.

Aaron B. Gardner

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