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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WRT Right Wing Extremists and Town Hall meetings...[UPDATED]

I am actually surprised one could find video of "Right Wing Extremists" at any town hall meetings.

After all...most of the Democrats in Congress aren't having town hall meetings because they don't want to deal with their constituents opposition to a plethora of proposals and acts of congressional overeach.

But alas that is not the point of this post...

For the point...

"They're Back"

Yes, you are correct...we are back and we are upset. One reason we are upset is that the Domocrats in Congress, and the Obama Administration as a whole, are calling us terrorists, extremists and many other names in order to marginalize us. And for what, what is it that we have done for them to categorize us as extremists?

Dissent, that's what. We dare to stand up for ourselves, we dare to invoke our rights given by our God and protected by our Constitution.

Once known as the "highest form of patriotism", dissent is now apparently the last bastion of extremism. How quickly the sands shifted.

Make sure to go here* to read more on the changing value of dissent in our Republic. If you want the cliff notes version see Caleb Howe's tweet here.


I highly encourage any readers I may have to go see Jeff Emanuel's take on RedState with regard to the hypocrisy exposed by this DNC Ad.


Aaron B. Gardner

* SnarkandBoobs is a friend and a fabulous blogger...if not in your Google reader add now.

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