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Monday, August 24, 2009

Coincidence is a funny thing [UPDATE]

Today was an event filled day. In the morning I got called "brilliant" by the Only McCain who Matters. In the afternoon my Wife and I had our ultrasound appointment for our second child.

It's a boy!!

Since I am having a boy, I am now confronted with a tough question. Should I circumcise him?

Well, I don't know a whole lot about the subject. I do know that Andrew Sullivan called it "Male Genital Mutilation". I also heard that it may become mandatory under Obamacare. Then, of course, there are the Biblical arguments for circumcision. All of this I knew.

I did remember an episode of Penn & Teller's BullSh!t, but it really wasn't that convincing either way...damn libertarians.

I didn't know where to search or what to search that wouldn't end up taking me to a porn site. NTTAWWT. [That was for you Stacy] Finally I broke down and googled "circumcision, what a parent should know". Apparently some lady named Anne Briggs wrote an entire book about the subject. From what I gather she is against this brutal process, just like Andrew Sullivan. NTTAWWT IYKWIMAITYD. [Again, for Stacy]

My ADD then kicked in and I decided to check on my blog traffic and see what was new in google reader. It was a good traffic day with R.S. McCain linking. Coincedentally he had some new posts up about Trig Truthers.

Ugh...I thought. Not another deranged loony sponsored by Soros and company.


Turns out it appears to be the very same lady who wrote the book on circumcision.

Anne Briggs a.k.a. annieb393 a.k.a Audrey. Trig Truther and Foreskin Friend.

Like I said at the beginning, coincidence is a funny thing.

Aaron B. Gardner

[UPDATE 1246 AM See all the sordid details at R.S.McCain]


  1. So, yet another sufferer of Palin Derangement Syndrome has been unmasked.  Good work.  I wouldn't discount the possibility that she is a Soros funded deranged loony.  She's apparently been running Palindecptions for almost a year, long after that conspiracy theory has been debunked.

  2. Thanks Guest 1 and Guest 2.

  3. Like cockroaches, these Trig Truthers can run but they cannot hide.

  4. It's nice of you to publicize her book though.  Well done!

  5. Very True Red.  Another similarity is that for every one you see there are many still lurking in the shadows.

  6. Hey, I don't mind her writing a book and getting money for it...I am a capitalist.  Maybe she will stop by and click on one of my google ads to repay the favor.   ;)

  7. That is a tough question. I don't see it as "genital mutilation", necessarily... there are upsides and downsides no matter which decision is made. However, I do think that not doing it is something that can be changed fairly easily while having it done is something that really can't be undone.

    Put yourself in the kid's place. Would you prefer to be asked first?

  8. You know Jay, I don't have much of an opinion eitherway on circumcision...I just have noticed that those who are anti cut seem to be less accepting than those who go the traditional route.

  9. How many of you real men have ever cleaned smegma from your two year old baby's penis? How about 5 year old, 12, or 15? Oh never? Well check it out before you think circumcision is so bad. Pain suffered as an infant who will not remember it may be better than that suffered as an older child who has an infection under his foreskin.

  10. Guest...thanks for the comment.  BTW I am for circumcision, so I assume your comment was for Andrew Sullivan and his followers.


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