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Monday, August 24, 2009

R.S. McCain screwed the little guy

Today is a very sad day in the world of blogging for me. Recently I started reading The Other McCain [despite my heartbreak I will still link him], and I really admired his writing and his interaction with the lower tier blogs that are out there. I even received a call from him once after emailing him a post I thought was interesting. It was a pleasure talking with him and he secured me as a fan of his site.

That all changed today.

I got up this morning and played with my daughter a bit before taking her to daycare and starting my work day. I sent out my morning reports and checked on the political news. I am checking my google reader and I see R.S. McCain, shoe leather reporter, seeker of truth, falsely attributing MY work to Moe Lane, another blogging hero of mine. I have always wanted to be linked by R.S. McCain since I started reading him...but not like this.

R.S. McCain

See...look at that say's Moe Lane, but the article it links to is my RedHot article on RedState which is crossposted here.

Now while I am flattered that R.S. McCain could not tell the difference between Moe Lane's blog-fu and my own, I would still appreciate the proper attribution.

Now I am not silly enough to go to war with R.S. McCain over this. I mean, I am no Meghan McCain. I would never go into battle unarmed.

So hook a blogger up Stacy, so we can put this unfortunate incident behind us.

Aaron B. Gardner

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