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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Content, must provide content...
The "I am still working" Open Thread

Ok, short blast of things you can read and a music video for you to watch.


Neil Stevens over at Unlikely Voter has two new articles up on Maine and Washington. While you are there you can check out the Swingometer.

People should listen when Moe Lane proclaims DOOM.

Gaffes and a check on Etheridge

Robert Costa brings news of a new Mark Kirk gaffe, but honestly ... it would seem any soldier whether active, reserve or guard, would potentially be hamstrung when running for office. I understand the need for soldiers to separate their participation in activism, but running for office should probably be excepted in some way.

Moe also offers up the most succinct wrap up of the Etheridge affair that I have yet seen.

Misc and a Video

Check out Bill Whittle's "Return To GITMO" [sub may be required] for a good story and message about our troops there.

Off the Page with Cain and Geraghty discussing Tea Parties and our Western candidates.

And now your video [Warning, while safe for work this may cause permanent damage to your soul]...

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Aaron B. Gardner

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