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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

#rsrh Gore Cheating on Tipper with Larry David's Wife?
Drudge: Yes Ace: Not so sure

H/t Ace

Ace explains why he is buying the the story of Gore's infidelity.

Now, I'ma gonna go ahead and call BS on this, because, if there's one thing I've noticed about gay dudes (Hillbuzz, I'm looking at you), it's that they are too frequently claiming to "know" sexual stuff that I simply don't believe they know.

They "know" this guy is gay (friend of a friend got chatted up by him, swearsies!) etc. They seem to gossip a lot and claim to be closer to the source of the information. (Like, not that there's just a "rumor" going around, but that they know someone who can actually vouch, first-hand, for the information).

Annoying. Sorry, I think most gays know exactly as much about John Travolta's sex life as I do. Which is to say, none. I know none about it, as Nigel Tuflnel might say.


Make sure to read the whole thing.

Exit question: Why is he cheating on Gaia by mingling with mere mortals?

Aaron B. Gardner

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